We regret to inform you that Stogursey C of E Primary School has had to close due to positive COVID-19 cases amongst the school community. School will not re-open until the September 2021 term.

Welcome to Triscombe Class

Weekly Assembly

Phonics- Phase 3 and 5 video above and Flashcards - Phase 3 and 5 sounds - YouTube


Spring Week 8 – Measurement: Length and Height | White Rose Maths

Tuesday- Compare lengths activity

Wednesday- Compare heights activity

Thursday-Compare lengths and heights

Friday- Measure length activity

Monday-Measure length



 Ten Frame | Manipulatives | Coolmath4Kids- A useful website to help with Maths especially number bonds!

Greg Tang Math - NumTanga

Number Words - Early Math- Fruit Splat Game - Math Game (sheppardsoftware.com)



Phonics- Phase 2 and 3 video above and Phonics Phase 2 and 3 sounds - YouTube


 Maths Reception:

Growing 6, 7, 8! - Week 3 | White Rose Maths

Tuesday 23rd- Comparing Height - Taller and Shorter

Wednesday 24th-  Comparing Length - Longer and Shorter

Thursday 25th- Days of the Week

Friday 26th-  Measuring Height

Monday 29th- Measuring Time


English (Links also on Seesaw): 

Thursday- https://vimeo.com/527353995 (What I would take to the moon)

Friday- https://vimeo.com/527793950 (Segmenting practice)



Tuesday 23rd > What changes have occurred to my bean plant? (thenational.academy)

Wednesday 24th> Please see Seesaw video

Thursday 25th> Location & Directions! | Mini Math Movies | Scratch Garden - YouTube

Monday 29th> Topic. Please see video above or via Seesaw.



Gross motor/P.E-
Miss Turner

Class Teacher

Mrs Stark

LSA 1:1

Mrs French

LSA (3 days)

Mr Law

LSA (2 days)