Our Vision for Growth: Our 'Why'

St Peter, in his second epistle, said for followers of Christ to 'Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ'.  We think this is a very apt summary of what our purpose is as a community and it is now our school motto.
"Grow in the Grace and Knowledge"
Our vision for the school in its simplest form is to grow and nurture everyone who gets involved with us both adults and children alike.
Our 4 aims by 2025 are:
  1. Broaden outlooks and experiences
  2. Nurture personal growth for life
  3. Everyone to make a personal contribution to our school
  4. Find the joy in learning.
We believe that in order to achieve these aims, we should gain in knowledge and develop a good character.  As a church school, we believe that being on a mission to develop and grow in grace is a good way to do this.