The School Day

The School day starts at 8.55 promptly.

The children can gather in the area to the right of the main entrance playground from 8.45am. Children from the Breakfast Happiness Club will arrive at this time and join their peers on the playground.   Triscombe class can go straight into their classroom.
 At 8.55 the whistle will blow and the children will line up ready to go into school. Learning starts promptly at 8.55am.
**Please do not send your child into school earlier than 8.45am as there is no one to supervise at this time. **

It is important for children to feel part of the class routines in the morning and it can be very unsettling for a child to arrive partway through registration, or a lesson or an activity that has already started. We ask that all parents make every effort to ensure their children are at school in plenty of time.

Many thanks for your support.

School finished at 3.30pm and clubs finish at 4.30pm.

Children can go straight to tutoring or After School Happiness Club.