Phonics & Reading Scheme

Learning to Read in our School- Early Years to End of Year 1
Our phonics scheme is for early readers and is called 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised'.  It is accredited and compliant with the Early Years Framework (2021) and we have sets of matching phonically decodable books to go with this.  Children can then achieve the aims of the phonics programme.
For further information please visit the site below or speak to Miss Turner.
Beyond the phonics scheme
Once children complete the phonics scheme, they progress onto our bespoke Stogursey Reading system that follows the PM Benchmarking 30-scale system.  These books are not phonically decodable and are a mix of different schemes' books but are carefully matched to the correct levels.
Children are regularly assessed to move up the scale and tracking is carried out every term.  Beyond level 30 is Guided Free Reader stages 31-34 so that children make a smooth transition to becoming a Free Reader by the end of Year 4.
For more information, please speak to Miss Day or MIss Dunwood.