Welcome to Little Acorns

Autumn is well and truly here! The first half term we have had fun following some great story books to support the children's learning and help them to make connections.  Owl Babies is a beautiful story which creates discussion about Autumn and the dark nights as well as understanding our emotions when our mummy's disappear (when mummy drops them off at preschool and then go).  
Every now and then we read The Colour Monster - a great book about emotions and feelings that children seem to love, we learn about feelings and talk about what makes us sad, happy, frustrated and angry teaching children to identify how they feel and why and that all emotions are ok!. 
Later in Autumn we enjoyed using our fine motor skills to hammer golf tees into the pumpkin looking at safety and wearing special goggles to protect our eyes - we enjoyed the Story Pumpkin soup especially when we were able to make some delicious pumpkin soup!
This term we celebrated Diwali by making Diva lamps and beautiful fire work art that coincided nicely with the 5th November..... Christmas term looms and the festivities will bring a little sparkle and glitter no doubt!