Welcome to Little Acorns

We are now in Summer term and enjoying the sunshine by spending lots of time outdoors.  Our routine has changed as the months go on and we find the children really enjoy spending the first 40 to 60 minutes outdoors either in our beautiful garden or the school field.  Here they can blow off the cobwebs by stretching their legs and being active, we find this is a special period where the children come together and form those friendships.  Our pumpkins and tomatoes are growing fast so part of the morning routine will be to water them, here we talk about plants and growth and what they need to grow healthy and strong.   I have finished my Forest School training and waiting for my certificate which is really exciting and Lianne is working hard finishing her Level 3 in Early Years and a few more months on her Forest School qualification.  We continue to go on some lovely walks to the castle and enjoy the mud kitchen and our beautiful garden.
We have seen new changes in the preschool room with a new floor - it looks amazing and the children loved the new look as do the adults.  It certainly finishes our room and the vision we had for it two years ago - bright plastic storage and resources have gone and our new look of natural resources and wooden materials bring a calm and beautiful provision.  Plants and our four little fish bring an appreciation of the natural world and support children's understanding of how we need to care for living things.
We continue to use stories to support children's interests and help them to make connections and songs are always part of our daily routine.
We enjoyed our Summer trip to Tropriquaria in Minehead, so exciting for the children to go on a coach - an experience that not all the children have done before. A wonderful day for everyone.
We are excited to be part of a Take Art Music Project in September, music is so important in the early years so this extra training will make a huge difference to our practice and most importantly our children's development.