Welcome to Little Acorns

Summer term is here and the weather is beginning to get a little warmer and a lot more dryer.  We begin the term looking at the life cycle of a butterfly which the children love - we use story sacks full of props to engage the children.  We are learning a new song 'A tiny caterpillar on a leaf wiggle wiggle' and there has been a lot of discussion on healthy and unhealthy foods which will inform our planning in the weeks ahead.  In week three we will be talking about the Kings coronation which I am sure will involve a little tea party.
Our routine remains as;
'Goodbye to parents and hello nursery'
Circle time the younger children not quite ready will be supported by another adult in the quiet corner unless they want to join us.
Snack time - this is an important social event where we learn manners.  Children will support each other.
Play time with an adult led activity and outdoor play
Yoga song and poses
Lunch time
Play time - indoors and outdoors with an adult led activity continued
Snack time
Story time and goodbye song
Home time
We have a focused book each week which supports our interests and learning from previous weeks
I have finished my Forest School training which is really exciting, and Lianne is working hard to finish her Forest School Lead qualification.  We continue to go on some lovely walks to the castle or around the farmers field, the village fields, the park or the village and enjoy the mud kitchen and our beautiful garden.
Plants and our two little fish bring an appreciation of the natural world and support children's understanding of how we need to care for living things. We will be growing our own tomatoes this term and our pumpkins ready for Autumn harvest.
We continue to use stories to support children's interests and help them to make connections and songs are always part of our daily routine.
We have been awarded the iCan accreditation which is an incredible achievement and highlights our commitment to children's speech and language in the early years. 
We have been part of an exciting ten week project Take Art Music, where Lianne is our champion.  We have have learnt so much about beat and rhythmn etc which has changed our practice. Music is so important in the early years so this extra training will make a huge difference to our practice and most importantly our children's development.