As well as teaching the substantive knowledge for each topic (e.g. plants, digestion, Space), we focus on the disciplinary knowledge of being a Scientist.  We have developed a system in which we assess children's working scientific skills and use this to plan investigative Science work using the topic as the context.  Teachers skilfully work these investigations into the teaching sequence which covers the core knowledge using the Developing Experts Scheme.
Sequencing of Science Concepts over time
Each topic is taught in isolation and not linked to the learning expeditions.  The way we have sequenced this is so that children are being taught everything from the National Curriculum for their phase at the right time i.e. we don't have years between certain concepts being explored otherwise it can be forgotten about.  The main concepts explored through the discipline of Science are:
  •  The 4 Working Scientifically Skill Areas- Asking the question, Collecting Data, Analysing and Drawing Conclusions, Presenting Results
  • The 5 types of Scientific Enquiry- Fair Testing, Observation of Changes over Time, Research, Grouping and Classifying, Pattern Seeking.
 **To provide context and links for work in the Summer Term for our Sex Education Programme for Y6, we ensure Biology is taught in Y4/5/6 at that point of the year.
Class Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Beacon (Y4/5/6) Food and Digestion Forces
The Heart and Health
Blood and Transportation
Evolution and Inheritance
Alfoxton (Y2/3) Diet and Health Light Rocks
Triscombe (Rec/Y1) Food/ Health & Safety Insects/ Plants Animals/ The senses/ The Beach

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