Year 4s start Remote Tables Booklets

For the attention of Year 4 parents from Mr Tucker-  If your child is Remote Learning at home, you may have noticed a tables booklet that has just been delivered.  This is to start from tomorrow and your child should be very familiar with it.  I put a short podcast with yesterday's work on the Google Classroom explaining it further.  Below is a simple step-by-step process setting out how to carry it out:
1.  Child does the quiz allocated for the day in 2 minutes (timer is in the Google Classroom)
2.  Child self-marks using the answer booklet or if you have time you could recite it with them (research shows this helps)
3.  Repeat again with an hour and a half gap in between as a minimum
4. Child submits their marks for the day under "Twice a day times tables."
It is really important that this is carried out twice a day and not all in one go.  The children know and can recall tables really well because of this.  If your child does not participate in this, then they will struggle in our next Maths topics of multiplication, division and fractions.  I appreciate everyone is incredibly busy but this takes just a few minutes to administer and mark.  Your child is well-trained in it so I anticipate that this will be highly successful.  We have just 5 booklets left to complete and then we have finished this.
As ever, any questions, please ask.