We regret to inform you that Stogursey C of E Primary School has had to close due to positive COVID-19 cases amongst the school community. School will not re-open until the September 2021 term.

Y6 Algebra Fun

Year 6 have started their programme of Maths lessons with Mr Tucker with an exciting topic of Algebra. They have been learning about expressions, formulae, and equations.

It is a nice way to start the year off with an unusual and exciting Maths topic. They thought it was new but realised that actually they've been learning about this sort of thing since they were very little- missing number problems, pattern-seeking and following rules are all part of algebra and they've been doing this since Reception!

At the moment, the Year 6s are realising that adults use algebra all the time without realising it. When roasting a chicken, joining a gym, paying for a taxi, this all involves algebra.

The Year 6s are really enjoying their Maths lessons with Mr Tucker and long may this continue!