Sports Leaders Making Playtime Fun for All

Our Year 5 and 6 Pupils have been leading the way in creating enjoyable playtimes after successfully completing a sports leadership programme.  The children were trained by a sports coach from the Quantock Education Trust in the Autumn Term and now, following the return from lockdown, they have been able to put it into practice.


 The training was an example of local schools working together and is part of a wider aim to have more pupil leadership in the school.  Mr Tucker is thrilled that the training has been put to good use, “Pupil Leadership is an absolute must when it comes to a happy, successful school. Last year, we got our Smart School Council going in which children led and self-organised initiatives.  We have had children leading drama clubs, computer clubs as well as campaigning on issues they care about.  I’m so delighted by the response of the school to the sports leaders. They have remembered all they were taught and now it is to the benefit of everyone else.  All activities are supervised by an adult and I have noticed how all of this has contributed to children really enjoying being back at school.  They really get a lot out of it.”


Haygrove School Sports Coach, Mrs Mel Bax visited regularly during the Autumn Term to train the older children, teaching them game creation, explaining clearly and how to alter rules to make it more fun as well as adapting it for younger children.


Amelia , one of our Sports Leaders was in a reflective mood when she said, “It went well but I need to change a few rules next time so it is fairer for those who found it a bit tough.”


The response from children participating has been very positive too with one saying, “The games I played today made me feel joyful.  I can’t wait to play again.”