School Drop Off and Collection Reminder

Reminder of key measures for dropping off/ collection of children

 1 parent per family group to drop off/ collect children

  • No congregating around the other side of the road
  • Maintain distance between yourselves and our staff including the school crossing patrol
  • Maintain distance at all times using the paw prints, cones and arrows
  • We strongly urge ALL parents to wear a face mask when entering the site
  • Please also do not treat the drop-off/ collection as a social occasion.  Once you have done what is needed, please leave the site promptly

A reminder that wider guidelines are in place regarding the national lockdown and that children should not be seen playing out in the village in groups or going in each other's houses (unless a support bubble).  This is leading to much anxiety for our parents and staff.  If you see someone in breach of the wider guidelines then this can be reported to the police non-emergency number on 101 .  We need everyone pulling together during this very difficult time.   

If your child is self-isolating for the 10-day period, then they should definitely not be seen out in the village in public.  This is against the law!