Reopening arrangements for Monday 8th March

**RETURN TO SCHOOL MONDAY 8TH MARCH** We would like to set out a summary of the latest risk assessment for the reopening of our school on Monday.
If you think back to Autumn Term and the measures we had in place (staggered starts/ ends, safe queuing, wearing PE kits on PE days, no hot meals, bubbles within the school site, distancing where possible between children), this is what we are returning to with some stricter measures in place set out below. This is in line with the latest DfE guidance. A quote from this is pertinent here:
‘If schools follow the guidance set out here, they can be confident they are managing risk effectively’
Here is a summary of new changes to our risk assessment (as of 8.3.21):
-Stricter expectation of children having their own equipment and looking after it themselves in classes (where this can be done)
-Play bubbles will extend to Science Bubbles for investigative work to be done safely in small groups with time for cleaning of resources
-New Feedback policy places greater emphasis on children self-marking, whole-class feedback and verbal feedback so teachers won't need to touch books
-Use of spare classroom- greater cleaning by staff in between use. Cleaning materials on hand in order for staff to do this.
-Crossover of staff into bubbles can only happen if covering other staff or in emergencies. All assemblies to move online.
-Non-essential visitors are forbidden to enter the building.
-School improvement work will focus on books (after a 72 hour quarantine period), there will be no lesson observations for the time being.
-Face coverings- staff may wear these at their discretion. If parents wish for their children to wear them when moving around then this can be discussed and arranged with the class teacher.
-Ventilation- rooms will be 'aired out' when children are not present. Windows will be kept slightly open during colder weather when children are in classes.
-Children and staff who are deemed clinically extremely vulnerable are not required to attend school. Anyone living with clinically extremely vulnerable people are still expected to come in.
-No trips for the time being.
-No after-school clubs for the time being.
-No singing whatsoever or performances to audiences inside the building
-Remote Learning Policy will end and only be for those self-isolating
-Team sports have to be from a government-approved list for PE sessions. Coaches have decided to focus more on individual activities anyway.
-No volunteers to come into the building. Any meetings are to be done over the phone or online.
-Staff are lateral-flow tested twice a week
-Families are able to now order Lateral Flow tests for themselves to carry out at home but this is not compulsory
This is also on top of the regular stops for handwashing, the distancing, deeper daily cleans and the fact we now have a day cleaner as well who keeps on top of the measures during and after lunchtime.
We are also obliged by government to remind parents that attendance at school is mandatory from Monday 8th March and that non-attendance for a 'non-statutory reason' will be treated as an unauthorised absence. This may lead to measures set out in our attendance policy and/or safeguarding procedures being enacted.
If you are anxious about the return or want more detail, please contact Mr Tucker at the school.
Mr Tucker will be on the gate on Monday and is happy to answer any questions (at a safe distance, of course!).