Prayer Writing Competition Winner Announced

Congratulations to our prayer writing competition winners.  They won a special Headteacher Certificate and a bar of chocolate.  Also, they leave their legacy in the school as we spend next year learning the prayers off by heart.  We now have one for each of the school values (with the exception of faith) and overall school prayer.  We will reveal each of them over the next couple of weeks.  Below are the winners:
Prayer of Care- Oscar (Year 1)
Prayer of Kindness- Jasper (Year 1)
Prayer of Hope- Ruby (Year 5)
Prayer of Peace- Abi and Kaycee (Year 6)
Prayer of Love- Chloe (Year 2)
And the overall winner who wrote the new school prayer is Amelia in Year 6.  Congratulations and we all look forward to learning your prayers.  They are very meaningful and the words well-chosen.