Box of Delights - Diversity!

Beacon Class 

On Monday (Box of Delights), Beacon Class celebrated the diversity of religion. Pupils discovered symbols and religious artifacts in their box and had a go at linking them to their corresponding religion.

They discovered how disagreements between religious groups can cause conflict so we now better understand the importance of celebrating diversity in whatever form (age, race, religion, ability etc). Pupils used their excellent research skills to create mindmaps about their chosen religion. They recorded this on outlines of their own hands which they then decorated in the artistic style of their chosen religion. These have been placed on a diversity tree in the main school corridor.Pupils also researched places of worship for each religion. They created paint and ink art depicting each place of worship. These are also on display in the main school corridor to celebrate the diversity of religion. 


Alfoxton Class 

We began the day by opening up our special box and the children were excited to find three items within, which gave them an idea of what they were going to be learning about. Inside they found a toy bus, a picture of a lady (who they later discovered to be Rosa Parks) and a packet of crayons. After brainstorming what the items could mean, we began exploring the idea of diversity and what it means to them. We shared ideas about differences that exist between people including religion, race and culture.

We then focused more on race and the children learnt about who Rosa Parks is and why she is important when learning about diversity. The children were fascinated to learn about Rosa’s life and the difficulties that she faced because of her race. We watched a video re-enacting the day that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus and the children learn about the consequences of that day and what it meant for people at that time.

We ended the day by reading the poem ‘The Crayon Box That Talked’, which encouraged the children to think about the fact that differences between people should be celebrated. They then created a crayon that represented their uniqueness as an individual but we will then create a display of crayons to show that together we make the world colourful.


Triscombe Class 

Our day began by looking at different pictures of families and discussing our own families. We really enjoyed sharing about our families and customs as well as learning more about our classmate’s families. We explored the diversity of our families and explored this further by looking at two books “All about families” and “One day many ways”. This led to further discussion of our extended families as well as our houses and the differences between where we live. It was also decided by Triscombe that it would be very boring if we were all the same and that it is much more interesting when there is diversity.

Each member of Triscombe class then drew a representation of their families which will be displayed in the main school corridor alongside our self-portraits to celebrate the uniqueness of ourselves and our families.