Monmouth Rebellion in Stogursey??

Today, the children in Beacon class drew up battle plans and wrote directions as battle commanders for a forthcoming rebellion.  They went on to test their plans to see if they were up to scratch.
Some of the children were enlisted in James the second's Royalist army and the others were an ill-disciplined bunch of traitors attacking the throne of England in a futile attempt to change the line of succession.
Kaycee played the role of James Scott, the Duke of Monmouth, and spied the Royalists from the St Mary's Church tower.  She attacked two times by testing Commander Riley and Commander Isaac's battle plans.  Unsurprisingly, both attempts failed.
We are discussing it tomorrow and find out what Monmouth's actual battle plan was.  We will also discover whether it worked or not and why.
Fun was had by everyone!