Maths Mastery

We take the Maths Mastery approach supported by our partners in the Boolean Maths Hub and our external advisor Jo Cronin. The Mastery approach is a small-steps approach and details of what this looks like in practice can be seen in our policies.

We decided to change to this approach about 3 years ago and we are developing to embed the practices which are common in Far East countries. It is different from how you and I were taught Maths in school but be assured evidence suggests that it works well and gets results.
Sequencing of Maths Concepts over time
As well as exploring the concepts of number, measure, geometry and statistics, we ensure children receive a healthy diet of the three aims of Maths (fluency, problem-solving and reasoning) throughout the phases of our Maths curriculum.  Examples of concepts revisited are below:
  • Fluency- e.g. mental efficiency, arithmetic, tables and facts recall
  • Problem solving- e.g. word problems, logic puzzles and visual problems
  • Reasoning- e.g. conjecturing, proof, hypthesising.

We use White Rose Maths as our starting point, but teachers creatively plan a learning journey using this and other resources.  Below are the overviews for the Maths concepts your child will learn with us for the year ahead.

We have devised along with our partners in Boolean Maths Hub, a high-quality mixed Year 1 and Reception Maths Curriculum that works on the areas above but enables the children to master the content for their own year group.  If you wish to see further details, please speak to Miss Turner.

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