Lockdown Arrangements

By now, you will have probably heard that England moves from tomorrow into another national lockdown. This time, it means all schools will be mainly closed to pupils and learning switches to remote learning. From tomorrow, here are the arrangements:
  • School will be open only to priority groups (children of critical workers and vulnerable children) and run by a limited staff on a rota
  • Pre-school will now close
  • Remote Learning starts on Wednesday for all year groups.
  • No paper packs will be delivered for the time being: all remote learning will be online and guides will be issued (except for Triscombe class, packs will be delivered tomorrow)
  • Our strict, new risk assessment remains in operation and will be reviewed again at the end of the week
  • After school sports club will not run
  • 20 new chromebooks will be delivered to homes tomorrow to families staff have deemed in need of it, especially those who have older siblings who may be using family computers to work. These Chromebooks are subject to signing a loan agreement.
In preparation for lockdown, we ask tomorrow that you spend time reading, doing times tables and planning out what the next six weeks are going to look like in lockdown and working remotely. Please discuss routines and what other fun activities you plan to do at home. Also, do take time to familiarise yourselves with the Google Classroom. Your child should know how to access this with their login details. Tomorrow, further details will emerge and I will share this with you.
Stay at Home- Protect the NHS- Save Lives