Historic First LIVE LESSON held

Today, Year 4 was the first year group to take the plunge and have a go at a Live Lesson online.  They were taught Maths by Mr Tucker and it was a great chance to catch up with their classmates, the first time since the lockdown started on the 5th January.
The lesson started off with a wellbeing check-in saying how we were all feeling. Many children were positive and remained so right to the end!  The lesson built on Remote Learning from this week on factors and multiples and ended up with them playing a maths game over the internet.
Here is what children had to say about it all,
"I thought it was really good because it is better than just watching a video then doing a worksheet. I think you learn more. It was good to see my friends and teacher. I want to do these more."  Max
"I really enjoyed the live lesson today. it was nice to see everyone and play the game with friends."  William
"I enjoyed it, it was really fun. It was good to see all my friends and work together instead of watching videos. I hope we can do more of them."  Olivia
"I really liked the live lesson today. I enjoyed seeing my friends and doing the work with them. I really hope we can do more of these."  Ameleah
Mr Tucker really enjoyed the session and felt uplifted by the whole thing,
"I have always been opposed to Live Lessons because of the pressure it puts on families.  We had some children who could not access it today due to the poor phone line infrastructure the UK has.  In South Korea, they have 98% of their system being genuine fibre broadband.  In our country, we rely still on the outdated, Victorian phone system.  It isn't good enough really and some children missed out today.  I am glad that the children who did access it today were able to see their friends on the screen and have a fun time.  This is good for mental health and wellbeing. Surprisingly, I had a really fun time teaching live online.   I will be doing live lessons again but not as much as other schools are doing."
Research and OfSTED have recently said that Live Lessons are not the gold standard for remote learning but just a part of a teacher's toolkit when learning is away from school.  We look forward to seeing what other teachers come up with next in Stogursey School's exciting new chapter stepping into Remote Learning.