Friendship Assembly

This week was Friendship Week in our school. We have been working hard to learn all about friendships including the delicate nature of them. We learned about getting on and falling out, the skill of conflict resolution and about bullying.

Alfoxton class showed us their very delicate scrap paper friends. The idea was to show that we must work on friendships and they do break easily. Inside these 'friends' were words that help to strengthen those friends like help, love, kindness and many more.

Triscombe class showed us their pictures of what makes a good friend. For some of the Reception children, it was their first time speaking in front of a large crowd. Parents were the as well as children and staff!

Beacon class finished off proceedings with some drama demonstrating examples of bullying and emphasised that it must be repetitive and over time for it to be classed as bullying. One group even showed us what bullying is not (they'd just had a misunderstanding). Kaycee and Oakley explained that in schools, children learn through making mistakes and that even includes behaviour and that overuse of the word 'bullying' dilutes its interpretation.

We were so glad that so many parents turned up to see and share in the joy of our learning in our school!