We regret to inform you that Stogursey C of E Primary School has had to close due to positive COVID-19 cases amongst the school community. School will not re-open until the September 2021 term.

Closure of School

**CLOSURE OF SCHOOL** A member of the Triscombe bubble has tested positive on an LFD test. As a precaution, we must isolate Year Reception/ 1 as they would be close contacts. Only these children need to isolate. As the preschool was not open at the point of contact, the preschool children and staff are unaffected and do not have to isolate. Unfortunately, Mr Tucker now also has to self-isolate and we do not have the staff to keep the school (including the pre-school) open. The school will now, therefore, be closed for the rest of the term.
We are terribly sorry about this. When we have the results of the PCR tests, we will be in touch to say whether a partial opening or a full opening may happen. At this point in time isolation would be until 26th July. If you have any questions, please email gtucker@educ.somerset.gov.uk and do not call the school as no one will be there.