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---NEW CONTENT ADDED 29th September 2020---

We are still working on our Remote Learning Solution.  Here is what to do if your child has to go into self-isolation.

Beacon Class Home Learning

During the school closure, details of how your child can continue their learning at home will be regularly posted onto Beacon Class page. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the school via email: or telephone: 01278 732389.
Hours of Study Each Day
Although there are no set times for when this work is to be completed, it is expected that your child does a minimum of 3 hours study each day whilst at home.  If you are self-isolating for the full 10 days then work packs will be collected at 3.30pm each Friday and teachers will be looking at the quality of work produced and whether it equates to 3 hours per day.  Otherwise, please bring all work back upon your return to school.  This is important so we can show that education has continued uninterrupted.  Also, it is important that your children keep up with the rest of the class so doing the same work as their classmates is a key thing!
What to do in each hour is set out next.

Hour 1- English
In your work pack, you will receive scripts and activities for Expressive Writing.  This is our catch-up programme.  Your role as a parent is to read the bits in blue.  Get your child to complete tasks as set out in the script and mark the work, giving them time to 'fix up' any errors as you go.  This should take about 45 minutes.  The rest of the time can be spent reading.
Hour 2- Maths
We follow White Rose Maths.  Below are the videos to watch and then your child completes the sheet to go with it.  Watch the video as many times as you need for it to make sense.  Please ensure you mark the work together and 'fix up' any errors.  The session should take about 45 minutes and so they can do TT Rockstars and 2 times tables quizzes.  Again, please mark these.
Year 4 Maths Videos
Wb 12.10.20
Thursday 15th October-  1,000 more or less
Friday 16th October- Compare 4 digit numbers
Hour 3-  Other subjects
MIss Day will set out in the packs what is needed to be done in other subjects.

Useful websites for Reading
Within your learning packs there are several worksheets you can complete at home. You can also visit the Maths with Parents website and use the online codes (listed below) to keep up to date with your learning. Every week a new topic is posted. Please leave a comment on the website to show that you have completed the activities.

You can continue to learn your multiplication tables on the TTRockStars website (link below). If you forget your password please email or telephone the office (details above) and we will contact you with your login details.

Doodle Maths is another website we would like you to access and use as part of your home learning routine. Please click on the website link below and use the class code for your year group to register and log in.

How to Register ‘Maths With Parents’
  • Go to
  • Click on 'New Parent? Click Here'
  • Click on 'Enter your child's class code' (you will find these below)
  • Follow the on screen instructions to provide your name and email address
  • New content will be uploaded frequently for you to access
Maths with Parents Class Codes:
YEAR 6: 327096
YEAR 5: 969835
YEAR 4: 713769
Doodle Maths
Please click on the link. You will be asked if you are a pupil, teacher or parent (click pupil). Type in your class code and then register to create an account. You can start playing online maths games once you have created an account.
Class Codes:
Year 6: UFDJUR
Year 5: FKSOO9
Year 4: UBLZMO
Year 3: 9SCXQE
Year 2: ZH4CE9
Year 1: QVOWJV
NEW CONTENT Arithmetic Papers Year 6 NEW CONTENT 27.3.2020

Please click on the link below and follow the instructions to generate arithmetic practise questions.
When you click on the blue text 'KS2 Arithmetic 2019' (example) a new arithmetic paper will be generated and downloaded to your computer as a PDF file.

The file will appear as a tab at the bottom of your internet explorer screen. Click on this and you will be able to see a series of randomly generated KS2 arithmetic questions which you can copy out and practise on paper.

Iif you cannot see the tab/downloaded file at the bottom of the screen then it will be in your computer's 'downloads' folder.

You can keep using this site to generate arithmetic papers - they will be different each time!

NEW CONTENT Web Research Y4/5/6 NEW CONTENT 27.3.2020

This researchify link will help you search websites and find easy to read content aimed at kids related to what you are searching for. Please take some time to explore this link.

(Ignore the first set of links on the search as they are advertisements - the links for children are below this with a centralised heading for each link.)
Keeping Active
It is important that we still try and keep fit and healthy. Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) have created a family friendly worksheet for indoor activities. Please click on the link below to download the activity sheet titled 'SASP Workouts'.

Useful Websites for Home Learning
Please click on the attached form to download a list of useful websites you can access to continue your learning at home.
English/Maths/Climate Change plenty of resources to support all areas of your learning.
Practise your multiplication tables. Remember, to win the competition you need to dress your character as a hero or a villain!
Continue your Maths journey using these videos and fun activities! YEAR 6: 327096 YEAR 5:969835 YEAR 4:713769
Year 6 Arithmetic practice (complete on paper and self mark).
Year 6 mental math games - if you explore the website there are also activities fro year 4 and 5.
Dear parents/Guardians/Pupils,

While you are self-isolating you (pupils) are expected to continue your learning at home by completing the tasks set in your packs.

If you become unwell you are not expected to continue completing work from your packs until you are feeling better.

The tasks should be completed across the period of time you are isolating. Your learning packs should be brought back to school at the end of your isolation period and will be marked by your teacher. You are expected to complete a piece of English and Math work each day.

Additionally, you are expected to practice spelling the common exception words for your year group (and the groups preceding) and read every day.

If you complete your pack please see the school’s website to access more learning material. This can be found on the main page or under your class page.

You can also continue to learn multiplication tables via TTRockstars.

For updates and guidance please see the school’s website or Facebook page.

You can contact the school office (email) with any questions; these will be passed on to the class teacher who will respond as soon as they can.


Thank you.