Changes to the Risk Assessment

**UPDATE/ CHANGES TO OUR RISK ASSESSMENT** Following the changes set out by the DfE, we have updated our measures and they come into force from tomorrow. For primary schools, there aren't many changes but here they are:
1. CO2 monitors are now installed in rooms to aid ventilation decisions.
2. If a close contact of a positive COVID case with the new Omicron variant (confirmed by Test and Trace), then staff or pupil is required to self-isolate regardless of age or vaccination status and a PCR test is encouraged.
3. Staff and visitors coming into the building are now required to wear a face-covering in communal areas and corridors unless exempt. This includes parents/ carers coming into the school office. Face coverings are not required outside. Primary school children do not have to wear face-coverings.
We have also completed a risk assessment for the church services (15th and 16th December) in collaboration with the church. The DfE does not require such measures but we thought it would be respectful to follow what the church wants here. Measures for these 2 services:
1. Both events are to be ticketed only. No ticket, no entry. Application forms for tickets will be in children's book bags from tomorrow evening. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
2. There is a limit of 2 tickets per family. This will be strictly enforced.
3. Families will be required to sit distanced in the pews. The children and staff will be sitting in the chancel.
4. Adults to wear face coverings inside the building.
5. Gel stations will be at the entry to the church building for all to use.
Any questions please contact Mr Tucker.