April 2021

Professor Bubbleworks has been busy encouraging pupils to get involved in and develop a passion for science. The theme was ‘Innovation for the Future’ and the specialist science education company shared expert videos of science experiments with classes and the children were tasked with carrying out their own experiments each day of National Science Week. 

The children explored water pressure and how to vary this for the production of eco-friendly hydro energy; learnt about the forces involved in historic and modern machinery and weaponry; investigated air resistance and examined what gravity is. 

Everyone enjoyed conducting the experiments. Year 6 pupil Oakley and year 4 pupil Tobie both enjoyed watching the bubbles of the lava lamp move up and down and change colour, but year 5 pupil Saul was able to explain in detail what was happening. He said, “Making lava lamps was really enjoyable; it was probably my favourite experiment. We learnt about why the oil doesn't mix into the water and the food colouring - this is called ‘immiscible’. Also, because the oil has a lower density than the water it will float to the top. Having a lower density means the molecules are further apart. When the molecules are far apart the wax will rise to the top of the lamp because it is less dense than the water but when the wax reaches the top, where it is cold, the molecules move closer together and the wax becomes really dense again. This means the wax will fall back to the bottom of the jar and the cycle will start all over again."

 The students also studied parachutes and how they work. Pupil Cara said: “My favourite experiment was the parachute making and testing because it was fun to go and test how well they worked outside! Also, I enjoyed it because I learnt how to sew to make my parachute and I used a real needle and thread. We also had to make it stable so we used straws to help keep it wide to have air resistance.”

Class teacher Miss Day said: “It has been wonderful to see our pupils experiencing such a ‘hands on’ approach to learning and lovely to watch them delve deep into the world of science during National Science Week. The children have shown masses of enthusiasm for learning about how things work.”