Alfoxton Teeth Cleaning Adventure!

This afternoon, Alfoxton class took part in some interesting activities about teeth and the importance of brushing.
Having checked their teeth experiments from last week, the children were horrified that some of their 'teeth' had started to get damaged from different liquids they had left them in.  Some were energy drinks, others in Coke and some damage was even observed in orange juice!
We started to learn more about microbes (tiny little creatures) living on the surface of teeth and how much they enjoy sugars and that they excrete an acid that damages the surface of the teeth.  The importance of brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day became very clear.
Not just this, but we soon realised that technique was also important to get all the harmful substances off our teeth.  We tried out some disclosing tablets to see where we might try harder with our brushing.
Alfred was surprised by saying, "I didn't know that they cause so much damage."
Lola announced with a purple tongue, "I am going to brush for longer on my front incisors.  There was a purple patch on there."
Sofiah enjoyed the activity and learned that the microbes enjoy hiding in between teeth as well.
This was all part of our human body topic and our drive to become better scientists!