Murray win the Cup!

29th February 2020

Congratulations to Murray House who are champions of the House Points Chart in the Hall. This chart took nearly a year to complete as it was based on the Kings and Queens of England (and there's been a lot of them!).

Murray House clinched the title in Friday's Celebration Assembly by fielding representatives in the Netball competition earlier in the week. Captains Grace and William were very pleased to be presented with the Stoke Courcy Cup to thunderous applause for their efforts.

"I'm very pleased we won the cup," stated Captain William.

"Everyone in our house worked hard over the year to get this achievement," Captain Grace announced.

Commiserations to Farah and Criddle Houses but the good news is that another chart based on famous musicians throughout History has started up and it is much shorter so another chance to win is only around the corner!